Migs Blog: AXL/DC Live!

May 9, 2016

Axl Rose performed with AC/DC for the first time Saturday in Portugal, and I went online to see how it went, and I have to say… Axl nailed it.  I am sure some will hate on this…but if I was at this show, I would have had a great time!

 Axl was still sitting and singing…which I am not sure if that makes you sing better or not, but between these videos and the recent G N R performances, Axl sounds pretty killer while sitting! 

Axl is still in a cast as he's still recovering from a broken pinky toe.

Here is the most shocking part…the show only started five minutes late!  Yes, you read that right… not 50 minutes late…hell, not even 15 minutes late…only 5 minutes late, which is like two hours early in Axl Rose time!

Here are some videos from the show…

“Rock or Bust”:

“Shoot To Thrill”:

“Back in Black”: