Migs Blog: Ayron Jones

January 26, 2017

On Tuesday I had my bud Ayron Jones on the Migs Cast.  Expect big things for Ayron this year, as he is prepping for the release of his second record, “Audio Boom Box”, due out on June 2nd.  I have heard the record, and it’s a monster of an album.  The dude is a melting pot of music…flashes of Jimi brilliance on vocals and guitar, the soul of Stevie Wonder, the cool vibe of Citizen Cope, the angst and power of Rage Against The Machine, the spirit of love like Lenny Kravitz…I seriously could go on and on. 

The artwork for the record was done by Ten Hundred, and it truly encapsulates the sound on the record…I love the psychedelic aura of the art!

He joined us on the Migs Cast to chat and play some songs…this one is from the new record, and it’s called “Emily”…check it out:

Check out the full interview on this week's Migs Cast HERE.

Tomorrow he is releasing a single from the record called “Love Is The Answer”

You can pre-order the song right now by going HERE

While on the Migs Cast I put him on the spot to give us a taste of this song… it’s such a damn good song…check it out!

Check out Ayron Jones and The Way at the Crocodile on 2/11!