Migs Blog: BattleMania Ruled!

April 26, 2017

Last Friday night I attended 3-2-1 Battle’s Battlemania…it’s their big event of the year, and it did not disappoint. 

I put this tweet out, and I still stand by it…

I’m not just talking about it being the best wrestling show…this was the best show I have ever been to.  I’m not kidding.  It was that good. 

The gang at 3-2-1 Battle have found a way to merge pro-wrestling, theater, and a punk rock spirit into an insane evening of goth tag team wrestlers, drunken perverted clowns, a King of DONG style partnering up with a King of THONG style…and throughout all of the ridiculousness…they had all of us on the edge of our seats (or standing and screaming) with great story telling and awesome in-ring action.

From the moment the voice of 3-2-1, Led Lawless, welcomed all of us (Led rules!)…to the final match between Solid Steel Champ Cole Crazy and B-Boy…I was in awe the entire time.  Yelling, laughing, cheering, flipping wrestlers off…all of the wrestlers did a great job eliciting all of those emotions from us fans.

It’s difficult to put into words the electricity that was going on that night…between the fans and the wrestlers, but I can say I was stoked to witness all of the performers give 100% throughout the night. 

Some of the highlights for me:

The commissioner of 3-2-1 Battle, Diva le Déviant (aka Mommy), had all of us in the palm of her hands… she truly brings so much to the night!

The commentary team of Cody Von Whistler and Murray Grande are fantastic.  They keep the energy of the night going with their enthusiasm and humor.  Plus…Murray is my fashion spirit animal.

The Legion Of Gloom winning the tag team title hit me in my feels.  The fact that they have two different types of “emo” characters (one is a Joy Division fan, and the other is My Chemical Romance fan) makes them even more awesome! 

Extra points to Dante…for not only sporting the Road Warriors/Legion Of Doom football shoulder pads…but to goth them up with burning candles. 

The Free Radicals (Jimmy Flame, Mr. Fitness, and Kiwanis Adonis) showed up and caused chaos, even in their loss to the Legion Of Gloom.  Watching Jimmy Flame is hypnotizing…it might be the pink trunks…but even more so, it’s how animated he is with each strike. 

I legit freaked out when The Weekend Warrior won the 6-Pack Challenge.  That dude is so much fun to watch wrestle…he puts that “Dad Bod” to work in the squared circle.

I will never grow tired of watching Big Cat Scott Henson coming out to Wu Tang Clan.  I will also never grow tired of watching him wrestle with a tail.  That cat is so damn good in the ring. 

Pairing him up with Rickey Shane Page, and Daniel Makabe made for an insane match!

Cole Crazy and B-Boy put on an epic match to finish the night.  It was 1am…I had been up for about 22 hours straight at that point, and I was hoping the two of them would wrestle all night.  It was that good!

Watching “The King Of Dong Style”, Joey Ryan in the mix with all of the 3-2-1 guys was super cool.  His tag match with Eddie Van Glam vs. The Hellfire Club (Steve West and Sarian) was beyond entertaining…and at times hilarious!

There are so many other great moments in the night… it’s great seeing dudes like Greg Sage, Herman Nerdstrom, Kevin Mathis, Jimmy Jameson, Chris Samuels, Otis The Gimp, Ronald McFondle, Jack The Snack, Bat Boy, Sonico, Christian Andes, Hero,  Dave Turner, Justex Citing, Kenny K, and more (in addition to all the other fellas I mentioned in this blog)...do what they do…and they do it so well!

Thanks to Samuel Grahn for posting so many great pictures (and Vitz Photos too!).  I believe it was Sam banging on the apron throughout the evening (while taking pix)… that added so much passion to the night!

All of that being said… I would like to give massive props to one of the guys.  As I said, this was the best show I have ever attended…and a major reason for this is because of Eddie Van Glam.  I’m glad to call him a friend, and I am so glad I got to watch him last Friday.  His ring entrance was perfect…seriously he went next level.  He had a full on air-band (air guitar, drums, singing, etc)…that started with Motley Crue, and eventually went into his entrance song, “Living On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi…the entire Battle Palace was singing at the top of our lungs…I have goose bumps typing this as I am picturing that moment Eddie first came out into the crowd.  In the WWE, AJ Styles says that he is the “Face that runs the place”…that title belongs to the “King Of Thong Style” at 3-2-1 Battle!  I venture to say that he would be the “Ass That Runs The (Battle) Palace”.  Ok…rhyming isn’t my strong suit (ass & palace kinda rhyme...kinda)…but you get what I am saying!