Migs Blog: Beat Migs - The Song!

September 30, 2016

Just the other day I wrote a blog about my experience at London Bridge Studios, the studio where bands like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Candlebox, and many other great bands have recorded at.

We were there to record a new version of the “Beat Migs” song…and it’s now mixed and fully produced, and ready for you to hear! 

Check it out...here is the "lyrics video" haha:

We will have an actual video soon!

Thanks to everyone for all the texts...here are just a small sample of the texts we got:

Dam that new beat migs song gave me chills. Love it

This is definitely a speeding ticket in my earbuds on my motorcycle. Great job guys! Jamie the driver

I need this as a ring tone for my phone.

Dude, I hate most things.. but this is not that bad. Huh. Well done!

Omg this is epic. I have a huge smile on my face. Badass!

And the Grammy goes to.....Beat Migs!!

You guys just started my day out on the best f***ing note ever!!!!!!!!

I'm a cranky old man who hates most new music, but I gotta say.....the new song is very good Well done!

You can polish a big bald turd!!! Sweeeeeeet

I'm a cranky old man who hates most new music, but I gotta say.....the new song is very good Well done!

Last week I texted and said that Beat Migs song sucked and now you redid it... and it rocks!

I didn't know this five minutes ago but I needed that song in my life


Hey Steve you sound way better then Justin Bieber lol Shane in Chehalis

Absolutely awesome!! Way to go Steve and Windowpane!

Can't wait to hear it at Studio Seven...Mach Society

Excellent work on the new song guys! You can hear how much fun you had!! It sounds amazing

Holy shit! That's epic Steve!!! Hands down the most awesome thing I've heard in a long time!

HUGE thanks to Jonathan Plum from London Bridge Studios for recording, producing, and mixing this…and much love and thanks to my brothers in Windowpane.  Thank you for helping make this a reality! 

Oh…don’t forget…on October 8th, we will be performing this song LIVE at Studio Seven.  Get tickets HERE!  It’s going to be a crazy night of great music!

Many have asked where they can download it...click HERE!