Migs Blog: Beat Migs...The Official Music Video!

October 12, 2016

Ladies & gents…it’s finally here for everyone to enjoy…the OFFICIAL music video for the Beat Migs theme song.  Yup…we actually made a music video for the theme sonmg to our game, “Beat Migs”.  Once again…huge thanks to Windowpane & Jonathan Plum from London Bridge Studios for being a part of this.

The video features studio footage, as well as live footage from Migs Fest this past Saturday night at Studio Seven.


Speaking of Migs Fest…big thanks to Andy McHale from Thick Photography for sending me this awesome picture that he took of me.  I might not sing like a rock star, but he caught me in the one-foot-on-the-monitor-rock-star-pose!

As much as I love that pic, I am terrified that some people are going to have fun with Photo Shop with it, haha!