Migs Blog: The Beatles Love

May 23, 2017

Over the weekend I went to Vegas, and my wife and I celebrated her birthday by checking out some shows... and while we were there I was completely blown away by the Cirque Du Soleil's show at the Mirage... "The Beatles Love".  

This tweet exchange with Cirque Du Soliel's twitter account summed up my experience best:

Seriously, as a fan of the Beatles, I never would have imagined that I could hear, see, and feel their music in a new light...but on Saturday night I did.  I truly fell in love with their music all over again.  

My wife, who is not a huge fan of the Beatles (doesn't dislike them, just indifferent), but loves Cirque shows...was also blown away by the show, and even walked away as a fan of the music of the Beatles. 

Right from the start I had a feeling that we would be in for a treat.  The stage was huge when we first walked in, and from the outfits of the people working the concessions and the ushers I was instantly excited (if you want a lesson in attention to detail just go see the show).  As we were sitting and waiting, some of the cast members were walking around and working the crowd...by working the crowd, one guy with a "magical" tea of sorts was going around and entertaining the crowd with where he was "pouring" this smoky looking tea, including using my head!

Another guy was walking around, dropping a "dose" of something in the mouths of the ushers.  Of course it was a joking nod to the LSD days of the Beatles, and it set the tone for what we would embark on!

Now we have seen many of the Cirque shows when they come to the Northwest, and all of them are incredible...but this one was so different and unique compared to the other ones we have seen.  

First off, there was no live band. I was curious how they would handle this one as you are using the backdrop of the music of the Beatles for the show.  The music was indeed John, Paul, George, and Ringo...and how they incorporated the Fab Four was done brilliantly with characters in the show and creative use of projectors.  

I am so glad they used their music, hearing it over the powerful sound system made me appreciate their music even more.  What I thought was cool was that they apparently asked Beatles producer, Sir George Martin, to re-mix the songs for this show, and it is noticeable...which also helps breathe new life into the songs.  Hearing the re-done versions of The Beatles classics is worth going to alone, especially if you are a big fan of their music!

Like I mentioned earlier, this show brings a whole new life to their music...I felt like we were on a hallucinogenic trip with the Beatles throughout this show.  Some of the highlights was how they integrated visuals of a young Paul McCartney on "Yesterday", the powerful feeling behind "Blackbird", and the spectacle they created during "Revolution" and "Back In The USSR".  The highlight for me was during "Within You Without You", as a giant sheet was pulled over all of us, and with the crazy lights and movement of the sheet you felt like you were sucked into the song itself. Hard to explain, but if you have attended the show I think you'll understand.  

One final thought from "The Beatles Love", it was so awesome to see such a wide variety in age of the people in attendance for the show. I saw people in their teens to people easily in their 70's...and everyone was having an incredible time singing along and watching in awe of what the talented performers executed during the show.  It's a true testament to the music of The Beatles, and all those involved with Cirque Du Soliel.  

If you are planning on going to Vegas, make time to attend "The Beatles Love"... it will be the highlight of your trip!

Get more information on the show HERE