Migs Blog: Beer & Yikes!

July 5, 2017

I know I could never be on TV and be a reporter…but if I was, I feel like this would be an assignment that one of the producers would send me out to cover.

Have you heard of the Hermosa Beach Ironman competition?  It happened yesterday, and it’s not your typical ironman competition.

In the Hermosa Beach version, you run a mile, then paddle a mile on surfboards, and finally you chug a six-pack of beer. 

How do you win?  Well…part of the criteria is that you don't barf. 

A news reporter, Wendy Burch, was covering it…and she ended up getting sprayed with beer…and possibly more!

My favorite part of this video is when the cameraman pans away at around 45 seconds into the video, and there is a woman hunched over…just hurling…and then Wendy frantically tries to get the cameraman to stop showing it! Wendy’s reaction is great, “It’s getting ugly…it’s getting ugly!”

It seems like Wendy has bad luck out on the streets when reporting...this happened to her a couple of years ago!