Migs Blog: Bell Lets Talk

January 25, 2017

Today in Canada is a day that they do annually to raise awareness about Mental Health.  Personally this shouldn’t just be a Canadian thing…it’s bad enough that they are selfishly keeping Tim Horton’s and those delicious “Tim Bits” to themselves…this is a cause that should be spread worldwide.

So today if you are seeing a bunch of people using the hash tag, #BellLetsTalk, it’s because money will be donated to mental health programs in Canada, but also because it’s something that needs to be discussed. 

If you don’t suffer from mental illness, I get that you might not understand what is going on in someone else’s head…but you can be there for them.  Please don’t just dismiss it.  None of us know what someone else is struggling with, just be there for them when times are tough and they reach out.  Be empathetic, be loving, don’t judge.

I saw this tweet and this simple drawing sums up what many of us battle internally…