MIGS BLOG: The Best Roller Coaster!

March 3, 2017

I am a huge fan of roller coasters, so when I saw this story it put a huge smile on my face.  There is a Navy vet in Oak Harbor that just secured the 2017 Dad Of The Year Award for what he did for his 3 year old.

The dad’s name is Scott Brazelton, and after going to Disneyland his kid has been obsessed with roller coasters.

So originally his dad was going to build him a tree house, but then decided to go the extra mile and he built his kid a roller coaster…and it’s AWESOME!

Scott got some help from Paul Gregg, a retired Boeing Engineer that has published books all about building backyard roller coasters.

Check out Scott’s kid, Wyatt, riding the coaster for the first time…

I too became enamored with roller coasters after going to a theme park…I wish he would build me a roller coaster too…granted I was 38 when I fell in love with coasters, not 3…and I’m seriously doubting that his coaster can withstand 200 pounds of Steve!