Migs Blog: Blazin' Wings Challenge

August 2, 2016

So last week we had the silly idea that it would be fun to get a bunch of us to roll into a Buffalo Wild Wings and for lunch we all do their Blazin’ Wing Challenge. 

What is the challenge?  It’s their hottest wing… they describe it like this: “So good, it's scary: Still our hottest sauce -- now made with unrelenting heat of the ghost pepper.” The challenge is to eat 12 of them in less than 6 minutes.  You can’t drink anything during the challenge, you can’t wipe your hands or face, and most importantly…if you vomit, you are disqualified.

So yesterday afternoon it was go time…I headed down to the Seattle B-Dubs with The Rev, Joe (The Prodigy), Uncle Chris, and Danny V. to set our mouths on fire!

We thought it would be a fun Facebook Live video on KISW’s Facebook page, we set it all up…but the WiFi there was spotty and cell service was non-existent, so apologies to those that tuned in yesterday as the feed (of course) cut out once we began the challenge.

Fortunately we still recorded it…and here is the video from where the Facebook Live left off…

I am so glad I got that last piece of meat in my mouth before the 6 minute mark (OK that sounds weird out of context haha).  Like I said in the video…the hardest part wasn’t the sauce…but the actual heat, temperature wise.  The frustrating part was that I was too full after the challenge to enjoy some of the other sauces on their menu.

Huge props to Jess and Mimi from Buffalo Wild Wings for being as awesome as they were!