Migs Blog: Bodyslam - Revenge Of The Banana

March 28, 2017

There is a movie that came out today that I highly recommend.  It’s a documentary based in Seattle that is about a group of outcasts, punk rockers, rebels…that find a common ground and create a family like bond, while battling city laws…and a BANANA.

Yes, I said a Banana.

Did I also mention this movie features a perverted clown that wrestles…and a rabid fan base that likes to throw empty cans of Rainier Beer at the performers?

The movie is called “Bodyslam:  Revenge Of The Banana”, and for those of you (like me) that love the local wrestling promotion 3-2-1 Battle…this film gives you the back story behind where they started – SSP Wrestling (Seattle Semi-Pro). 

I promise you…even if you don’t care one bit about wrestling, I am certain you will dig this story.  Wrestling is the back drop, it’s what brought all of these individuals together, but the movie is about people finding brotherhood, and how one man tried to ruin that.

That one man is a dude by the name of Paul, who was a part of SSP and was a wrestler dressed as a Banana.  The Banana didn’t agree with the creative direction they had for him, so he quit and then went on a crusade to get SSP shut down by alerting authorities about what they were doing.  This really happened, as ridiculous as it sounds.

The authorities treated what they were doing on the same level as MMA fighting…even though it’s purely entertainment.  They had guys dressed as French Fries wrestling a Banana after all!  All of this is why the “Legalize Wrestling” movement began, and  Washington laws are slowly being changed thanks to the guys that were involved with SSP.

There are plenty of laughs in this movie, as well as some emotional moments, and moments that will make you scratch your head.  Paul, The Banana, is one unique individual.

Also, how cool is this…after this movie was made, Morgan Spurlock (the guy that made Super Size Me) saw it…loved it…and is now distributing it for all of us to see. 

It’s available now on iTUNES, as well as on Amazon.  It will be available at Target, Best Buy, etc.  You can get more info on the movie HERE

Check out the trailer… heads up, depending on your work place, some of the stuff might not be safe for viewing.

Also...my alter ego, Steve Tomatoes agrees...

Be sure to check out this week’s Migs Cast, as we will be interviewing Ronald McFondle (Josh Black) and Eddie Van Glam (Bill Bates), two of the stars of the movie.  You can see both of these guys at 3-2-1 Battle!