Migs Blog: Boone The Bounty Hunter!

May 26, 2017

Last night I got to be a part of something very awesome!  John Morrison (Johnny Mundo, John Hennigan) was in town to screen his new movie “Boone The Bounty Hunter” – if you are a fan of over the top fun action movies from the 80’s…I am certain you will dig this movie!  It’s available on On Demand, DVD, iTUNES, Amazon, pretty much anywhere you can get a movie you can find it! 

John is killing it on Lucha Underground these days, as well as tearing it up on the indie wrestling scene (he is wrestling tonight at Defy!)  John is not only the star of the film, but it’s fully his baby…he wrote, produced, and sold his home to finance it.  Yup, you read that right… he sold the house that he bought with the money he made with the WWE to finance this film.  I love hearing stories about people that take chances for their art…so please support this film.

We ended up having the screening at the Central Cinema, which is easily the coolest theater I have been to…great food, and an awesome vibe in there! Plus they show old movies, like the He Man film, Masters Of The Universe…yes, the Dolph Lundgren classic!

The crowd was full of fellow wrestling fans, and it was exactly what you’d expect when you fill a room with wrestling fans to watch a movie…lots of funny chants, and a great loud energy!

Not only did John come, but Taya Valkyrie (also from Lucha Underground) came out to support!

Check out the trailer...

Tonight, both John and Taya will be wrestling at Defy, and I will be the ring announcer and host for the show… hope to see you there!  I am so pumped for tonight that I put this video together from my intro speech at the last Defy!