Migs Blog: British Accent

June 24, 2016

This is some trippy stuff…A woman in Texas had jaw surgery back in December, and when she woke up she had a British accent. 

Not kidding…she now has a british accent!

The (even more) crazy part is that she can't make it go away…she's trying to do speech therapy to get her old voice back. 

Her name is Lisa Alamia.  She's never been to England.  The doctors say she has foreign accent syndrome, which has only ever been diagnosed in about 100 people.

Check it out…

Whoa!  I would be so screwed if I hjad this happen to me…or would I?  I am incredibly AWFUL at accents.  All of my accents suck.  Think of the worst accent that you could do, and mine is WAY worse.  My British accent is basically me just yelling “AHHH-LOW”.  The only think I wonder is, what if I did have this issue, and my accent turned out to be really good?!

Oh yeah… Happy take Your Dog To Work Day!