Migs Blog: #ButtCatch

January 9, 2017

Sometimes it’s the simplest tweet’s that get the best reaction.  Who would have ever thought that the hashtag: ButtCatch would be trending…and would refer to something that is safe for work.

During the Seahawks playoff game against the Lions...there were so many awesome moents, from Thomas Rawls incredible running game...to Paul Richardson catching passes with one hand...to Doug Baldwin catching balls with his BUTT.  Wait...re-reading that last sentence sounds dirty!  Seriously though...check out this catch… Doug caught it with his BUTT!!

Saturday’s game was chock full of awesome Doug Baldwin moments…and the rest of them had nothing to do with his behind!  Like that moment that he just tells Don Carey to well…get the hell outta his way!


Or that moment that he straight up stole a touch down from Jermaine Kearse…

You have to love Doug’s intensity…he addressed “stealing” the touchdown, and you can tell he felt awful about it:

Let’s hope we have more awesome moments from Doug on Saturday, as the Hawks are off to Georgia to play the Atlanta Falcons!