Migs Blog: The Cadillac Of Fruits!

November 15, 2016

Every day you learn something new…thanks to the internet.

All these years I had no idea that crushing watermelons with thighs is a thing…but apparently it is.  There are TONS of videos of women crushing the “Cadillac of Fruits” between their legs.  You can try and debate me on this, but there is not a fruit out there that is better than a watermelon.  Good luck proving me wrong!

Many of the videos I came across are a little too revealing to post here…but I’m sure you will have no problem finding them. 

Here is one where the woman is wearing enough cloths and literally just CRUSHING watermelons!

That woman is my hero.

The reason I bring all of this up is that some guy just did it the other day, and the video is spreading virally…it’s not nearly as much fun to watch for me, but it is rather impressive.

I’ll just stick with cutting the watermelon, slicing them up, and eating them, as they are delicious!