Migs Blog: Chris Martin & Eddie Vedder

September 26, 2016

I know for many…the thought of Coldplay causes a sensation similar to puking in one’s own mouth.  Me personally, I dig the band.  Granted I haven’t really liked the newer stuff they have put out, but I loved their first 3 records.

I have seen Coldplay multiple times…hell, I saw them back when they first played in America, at the Showbox…around the time their song “Yellow” was blowing up…I also saw them later on for that tour when they played Benaroya Hall.  One of the best shows of theirs that I saw was with my wife, and we had seats at the front row of the end of a catwalk that they had on stage, it was pretty cool to see them perform as close as we were! 

Check out my pix from that show…

The reason I bring Coldplay up is that I do have a cool video to share that will surly endear Chris Martin, Coldplay’s front man, to the Pearl Jam fans out there. 

Over the weekend Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam was performing at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park (New York)…Chris Martin was also performing, and the two of them joined forces for an awesome version of Pearl Jam’s “Nothingman”. 

If you are digging that performance, check out the full set here: