Migs Blog: CM Punk

September 12, 2016

Saturday night was a pretty special night as former pro wrestler, CM Punk, made his debut in the Octogon at UFC 203. 

This might be his last UFC fight as well...as it didn’t go how he hoped, but did go how many expected…he tapped out about 2 minutes into the first round against Mickey Gall.

In my eyes though, Punk won.

No…not the fight…but in life.  What he did, as Joe Rogan said, took “balls”, and I 100% agree and applaud Punk for it.  Joe also said he was "delusional"…understandably so…as Punk took on a brown belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu…and Punk is pretty much a white belt.  Yes, he trained for 2 years, but all the training in the world can’t prepare someone for an actual fight. 

This fight pretty much answered many peoples statement that “with enough training, I could last a round with a pro” – no, no you can’t.

Ok, enough with the negative stuff of him losing…let’s talk about why he’s the big winner in life:  Because he did it.

That simple.  He was given an opportunity to compete at the highest level (Punk has stated that the plan was to fight in lower levels than UFC, more like on an amateur level), but when provided the opportunity to play on the grandest stage…he went for it.  Who knows if he would have ever been able to get that opportunity again if he said “nah…I’m not ready”.

I firmly believe in life, if you aren't trying to "compete" with those better than you...what's the point?  Why live in mediocrity.  If there is a higher level in something I am doing...I want to be there.  For me, it's hockey... I LOVE playing with people that are better than me (which is pretty much everyone), as it forces me to be better.  I will never get people that choose to play at a lower level so that they can dominate.  What fun is that?  Where is the challenge?  Punk had the chance to "play" with the best.  I'd rather be the worst at the highest level than be the best at the lowest.  I get why he did this.

I have seen a lot of people say that he will embarrass himself.  He didn’t.  Plenty of people lose quickly in the UFC…some have lost in less than 30 seconds, and those guys have been at it their whole life.  Should they be embarrassed?  Absolutely not.  Punk’s inexperience got the best of him…he came out quick and hard and got caught…and did a solid job defending himself.

Others are mad at him because he took someone else’s spot…in other words, he took someone else’s job.  I hate when people say this.  First off…in a way he actually gave someone a spot to shine in Mickey Gall.  If it wasn’t for Punk, Gall wouldn’t have been on this card…so in a way he introduced us to a up and coming fighter that looks like he has the skills and the charisma to become a star in the UFC.  I know that wasn't his intention, but that did happen.  Plus, in life…we are all taking jobs away from someone if we are grinding away in the working world.   The funny part, is that the people claiming this are not even fighters.  Last I checked, I haven’t seen any MMA fighters crying in public that “CM Punk took my job”. 

All I know is that when his music hit, and yes he used his wrestling intro music (Living Colour’s “Cult Of personality”), I (and many wrestling fans) had a huge smile on my face.  I was happy for him.  When he first popped up on my TV walking toward the ring, I got goose bumps. 

After the fight my wife asked me if I regretted my 60 dollar purchase…to which I said, “No…I got watch someone who I am a fan of for many years accomplish a dream”.  It was powerful to watch, and beyond inspiring.  That is why CM Punk won in my eyes before the fight even started.

After the fight, Joe Rogan interviewed CM Punk, and his post fight speech was another moment that made the 60 dollar purchase worth every penny!

I loved what he said…probably because it was very Rocky-like in his message!

I highly suggest watching Punk’s post fight press conference, he truly came off humble and gracious…and gives you a great glimpse inside his head regarding why he fought!

Here is the crazy thing… CM Punk jumped right back into fighting… his next fight was against my pup, Lulu The Warrior Princess, and the outcome was pretty much the same!