Migs Blog: Colt Cabana!

June 5, 2017

Friday was an awesome day…. And it’s all thanks to Colt Cabana!

Colt is one of the best indie wrestlers…and also hosts a podcast that I am a huge fan of, “The Art Of Wrestling”…and he was in town for 3-2-1 Battle that night.

I shot him an email, bribed him with a pastrami sandwich from the Market House (which worked haha), and on Friday afternoon I got to chat with Colt.

Check out our conversation HERE.

Huge thanks to Steve West from 3-2-1 Battle for bringing Colt by, and speaking of 3-2-1 Battle, on Friday night…not only did Colt wrestle…but I was announced as the new commissioner of 3-2-1 Battle.  As a huge fan of what those guys do, I am beyond honored to join the team!

If you weren't there you missed an incredible match between Colt and Kaden Talbain.  

Huge shout out to Kaden... he is a local wrestler that worked amazingly well with Colt.  Honestly, Colt should take Kaden on the road with him and let others across the country experience the magic the two of these guys created in the ring todather! Their chemistry in the ring was awesome, here is their match (thanks to Dan Lammers for recording it):

Big thanks to Vitz Photography for these pix!