Migs Blog: Corey Taylor Rocks!

May 12, 2017

Today we chatted with Corey Taylor…which is always a blast!  The dude is so much fun to talk to...down to earth, and funny as all hell!

Corey not only is the front man for Slipknot, but also is the lead man for Stone Sour, and they will be at Pain In The Grass on June 24th.  Have you heard the new Stone Sour songs?  They are so bad ass…here is “Song #3”:

Here is “Fabuless”…

The record comes out on June 30th…and if those 2 songs are any indication on how the rest of the record will sound…we are in for a treat for sure!

I swear… Corey would be a great “third wheel’ for BJ and I, as it seems like he has similar interests with both of us… He’s a huge Doctor Who fan…so him and BJ can geek out about that.  Hell...he was even on one episode...well...his voice (kinda) was!

Plus he is a big Wrestling fan…he once got to “mix” it up with Baron Corbin!