Migs Blog: Craig Gass Gets Bad Advice!

June 2, 2016

If you have been listening to our show for a while, you know how much we love Craig Gass.  Craig is one funny dude that has been a bud of mine for a long time. 

Craig also seems to be friends with every rock star known to man.  Name the band… Pearl Jam...yup… Alice In Chains…Yup…Disturbed…Yup…Metallica…Yup…Megadeth…Yup….Motley Crue...yup...Justin Bieber…Yup…ok, Bieber and him are no longer on speaking terms ever since Craig refused to carry "The Bieb" when they visited the Great Wall Of China…but lets not open up fresh wounds.

Hell…when my wife and I went to the Super Bowl in Phoenix, we met up with Craig and went to a Suns basketball game.  When we arrived…we realized that we were also hanging with Dave Ellefson of Megadeth!

I bring all of this up because Craig just released an awesome video with him and some of the biggest rock stars out right now.  Craig has been fortunate enough to open up for some of these bands and do comedy.  This sounds frightening to do a comedy set with a rock crowd, so Craig sat down with some of these bands at like Rock on The Range for advice…and the video is AWESOME. 

WARNING…the video has some bad words in it, so don’t sit and watch this with your 7 year old, unless you have already watched Deadpool with your kid, then by all means get some popcorn and watch this together!