Migs Blog: Crazy Cheri In Studio

September 14, 2016

If you listen to our show from time to time you are surely aware of Crazy Cheri!

Cheri is a 60 (something) year old lady that is obsessed with singing show tunes songs and is infatuated with the Tarantino movie, Kill Bill.  She calls in all the time, I love it…BJ hates it…which makes me love her even more!

Plus she sends us some rather random pictures over the years!

Yesterday was a special day, as she came in to hang out with us.  That’s right, my birthday came early as I spent the morning with Crazy Cheri!

I had some fun with this pic thanks to that Prisma app…here’s Cheri & I…when the acid kicked in!!

Cheri and I of couse had to bust a move together…

We had Cheri pop on air as well… which was quite the treat!