Migs Blog: Crazy Hawks Game!

November 8, 2016

Well yesterday was an odd one.  I don’t think the Seahawks are capable of having a controversy free Monday Night Football game. When people say that the bad calls even out over the course of a season…you really have to take stock in that.  The Seahawks have had some games end badly thanks to questionable officiating (last week’s game against the Saints would be an example of that), and they have also been lucky to reap the benefit of some questionable calls in games (last night would be an example of that). 

Besides the messy end of the first half…the talk of the game was the great play of Jimmy Graham!  Both of his touchdowns were insane one handed grabs…

Hell, he was even hurdling over players….#88 was on fire!

I have a feeling that Jimmy might have been inspired by Randy Moss.  Before the game… the ESPN crew had the Pike Place Fish Market guys on the sidelines to toss fish to the fells… Trent Dilfer, Matt Hasselbeck, and Steve Young all caught a fish using two hands. Charles Woodson tried to make a catch with one hand, but failed. .. but then Randy Moss showed them all how it’s done with a one handed grab…with pure confidence!