Migs Blog: Daniel Makabe

August 7, 2017

If you are a fan of wrestling…you need to start paying attention to Daniel Makabe.

Who is Daniel Makabe?  Well he is one of the best wrestlers in the NW…he’s from New Westminster, BC, and is a fixture at 3-2-1 Battle.

The first time I went to a 3-2-1 battle show… I was instantly a fan of Daniel’s…as he was rocking an Andrew WK shirt.

Over the past year I have gotten to know Daniel, and I always look forward to chatting about punk, indie, and metal music!  I also look forward to watching him do insane stuff in the ring…for instance:

On this week’s “Migs Vs The World Of Wrestling” (my wrestling podcast)…Daniel is my guest, and it’s a fun listen.  Check it out!

We recorded this interview a few hours before his match against Timothy Thatcher…a match that I consider to be pure poetry in the ring.  These two took us on an emotional roller coaster…if you are a fan of submission based grappling…you owe it to yourself to watch this match!