Migs Blog: Davey Richards!

June 13, 2017

I just started doing a wrestling podcast called “Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling”, and big thanks to everyone that has checked it out so far.

The podcast is not a show where I critique the wrestling product…I don’t like crapping on wrestling (like some wrestling fans and wrestling podcasts do)…I watch wrestling because I find great entertainment in it.  Do I think it’s always good?  Of course not, but I definitely enjoy the majority of it!

What I am doing on the podcast is giving listeners a chance to learn about the men and women that put their safety on the line…all so that we can be entertained.  Wrestlers are some of the most interesting people that I have met…they all have insane stories behind their journey in becoming a professional wrestler.

There is one guy that I had at the top of my wish list to chat with…and that is Othello Washington’s own, CZW Champion -- Davey Richards.

Davey is the epitome of interesting…both inside and outside the squared circle. 

Not only is Davey killing it in Impact Wrestling (his “Lone Wolf” character is so bad ass), but he going to be here for Defy 4 at Tacoma’s Temple Theater on 6/29…hopefully he will be at Defy 5 as well on the next night at Washington Hall in Seattle.  I’ll be the ring announcer, and you can get more info and tix at DefyWrestling.com.

When I say that Davey is interesting outside the ring….

-- He is not only a wrestler, but is also a paramedic.

-- He is a pre-med student

-- He is studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

-- Him and his wife, Angelina Love, just had a baby boy.

Check out our chat, as we talk about all of this…plus his love for the Seattle music scene, and he also explains why he has no intentions of wanting to wrestle in the WWE.

Click HERE to listen to this episode of Migs Vs. The World Of Wrestling…please let your wrestling fans know about the podcast too!