Migs Blog: Defy Wrestling Ruled!

January 17, 2017

Warning... if you are not a super nerdy fan of wrestling like I am, then this is not the blog for you.  

On Friday I had the opportunity to be a part of an incredible night of wrestling, as Defy Wrestling put on its first event: Defy1 "Legacy".  I served as the host and ring announcer for the night, and was honored to be a part of it.  There is one word that keeps popping into my head when I think about that night, and it’s RESPECT.  

I have the utmost respect for how well run and well executed the evening was.  Massive props to my buds, Jim Perry (Defy Wrestling's founder) & JJ McClennan (Defy’s producer) and all of their crew... the passion they all have for putting this night of wrestling together for all of us fans had everything to do with how awesome the night went.  

I can't lie, I was so nervous about being a ring announcer...I have so much respect for all those involved that I didn't want to let them down.  I went over in my head every night for probably 3 straight weeks as to what I was going to say to start off the night.  I wanted to recognize the great history of wrestling in the northwest, while also rallying all of the fans to join me in celebrating wrestling.  

So when it was my time to start the evening... my nerves were at an all-time high.  Once my music hit (I came out to Windowpane's "Underfoot"), and I stepped out of the curtain to a sold out Washington Hall... I was humbled and overwhelmed by the reaction from the crowd.  You all were a hot, hot, HOT crowd!

I high fived and "too sweet'ed" most of the entire front row... I then stepped into the ring, and a few of you tossed streamers at me.   Wow.  That was really cool (throwing streamers at a wrestler is a sign of great respect). 

I then start talking into the wireless microphone, and the mic started cutting out on me.  Oh man, now what do I do? It would work for a couple words, and then cut out.  I felt like I was alone on an island... an island with ropes and turnbuckles.  

That's when something special happened...the crowd took over.  

This crowd had my back, and this did not go unnoticed.  They started all sorts of chants (including the John Cena inspired "Let's Go Steve Migs... Steve Migs Sucks" call and response...which was the coolest thing ever). 

Huge thanks to Kevin Matthis (aka The Duke Of Dirtbags) and the crew, as I turned around and saw them frantically wiring a microphone for me.   They get me the mic, and away we went!  In retrospect, the mic crapping out was the best thing... everything in my head that I practiced over and over went out the window, and I embraced the moment.  Plus, this mic "issue" got the crowd in the improv spirit. My bud Jeremy summed up what makes a wrestling show special best, and made me think of what I experienced to start the night:

Big thanks to the entire crew that I met and helped execute such an incredible evening...Jamaica, Hero, Chris, Karleena, Keynan, William, Dan, Spencer, Max, Kyle, Jake, Josh, Nick, Lauren, Luke, Ty, and Danica (apologies if I forgot anyone).

Before I get to the matches, I want to single one guy out that helped me in more ways than he would know... and that is Matt Farmer.  Matt is a former pro wrestler that is not only a brilliant wrestling mind, but he is as cool of a guy that you'll meet.  Matt was running the show behind the scenes as the show's booker... keeping the show on schedule and being there for all of the wrestlers to help them with whatever they needed.  Matt kept my head on straight as I was pretty dang nervous, and walked me through the entire night... I received a bunch of kind words and compliments, from both the fans and the wrestlers... and I owe it all to Matt.  

Probably the best compliment I got was from Angelina Love (I'm sure many remember from TNA's "The Beautiful People"), I saw her backstage and introduced myself and she said "I have never seen a ring announcer be more 'over' with a crowd".  Being a fan of hers, having her say that made my night.  Plus, the next day she sends me a tweet...too damn cool that her and her husband Davey Richards (I'll talk more about him later) were listening to KISW while in town!

I want to say thank all of the wrestlers for being so welcoming and helpful to me.   You all are so incredibly talented...and I learned so much from you all as the night went along.  I don't want to go into full detail of how so, as I want to respect the art of wrestling... but watching the passion you have for what you are doing, and attention to detail you put into left me in awe.  You men and women should be proud of what you accomplished... I have seen many wrestling matches, more than I could list, and that was the most fun I have EVER had.  

Ok, let's quickly run though the matches.  

Matt Cross vs King Khash.  This was an awesome kick off to the night. Matt is killing it on the indie scene and many of you know him as Son Of Havoc on Lucha Underground.  This was my first time seeing King Khash and the two of them worked great together.  Matt ended up winning the match and wowed all of us with his high flying moves!

Eddie Van Glam vs. Mr. Fitness.  This was one of my favorite matches...I am a huge fan of Eddie Van Glam...and now a huge fan of Mr. Fitness as well (it was a blast riffing with Mr. Fitness in the ring).  These guys can be seen doing awesome stuff at 3-2-1 Battle, and their chemistry in the ring is fantastic.  Mr. Fitness came out on top in this match. These guys represented Seattle wrestling excellently, and I don't think I will ever get sick of Eddie's entrance!

Ethan HD vs Mike Santiago.  Another stellar match between two northwest greats in the wrasslin' world! I met Mike Santiago a while back at a Pain In The Grass and he told me that he was a pro wrestler.  He didn't tell me how GREAT he is between the ropes.  Both Ethan and Mike are so on point with their wrestling.  They told an awesome story in the ring, as the once tag team partners went head to head in a loser leaves Seattle match. Mike won the match, but hopefully we can find a way to get Ethan to not leave seattle as these two need a rematch as it was fun watching them battle!

Next up was a four way sudden death match: Drexl vs Kate Carney vs Nick Redford vs "The Catch" Carl Cunningham.  This was a fun match that showed off everyone's talents.  I especially love the sadistic vibe of Drexl, and I'm definitely a big fan of Kate Carney after watching this match.  She has a great charisma in the ring and did an awesome job as she won the match! 

That match led to an awesome surprise for all of the fans... as Davey Richards made a surprise appearance!  Davey is from Othello Washington, and has been dominating in all the promotions he's been in (ROH, NJPW, TNA, etc)... and while in the ring he made it known that he will be at Defy2 in April (4/7) to compete to become DEFY's first champion! 

Next up was a match that left all of our jaws on the ground! Mr. Athletic Jeff Cobb vs Big Jack.  This was a battle of the big guys, and they had all of us yelling "holy s***" throughout the match.  Many know Jeff as (allegedly) Matanza on Lucha Underground, and Jack is from Bellingham and has been tearing it up in the local scene.  Jeff ended up winning the match, but we all walked away as winners for getting to see this match!

I keep saying that each match was memorable, but I swear I mean it...and the next match was a great example of that.  Los Sexi Mexis vs Greengo Loco and Batboy.  This match RULED! The two teams were a perfect fit for each other, and represented another great local wrestling promotion - Lucha Libre Volcanica!  I quickly fell in love with Los Sexi Mexis, and not because they were "weighing in at 832....Tinder Matches" as I announced them as, but because they are so good together...great high flying moves and incredible charisma during the match.  

Yes... I geeked out over them so much that I bought their shirt! 

One more thing about this match… Batboy is insane in the ring…in a great way!

A video posted by BatBoy (@batboylives) on

After the match, An angry Big Jack came back to take his frustrations over losing out on whoever crossed his path... and unfortunately for Greengo Loco, he was the subject of Big Jack's anger!

Up next was the main event...featuring two of my favorite wrestlers: Shane Strickland (Killshot From Lucha Underground) and "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes.  So the fact that I am in the ring with them, as streamers are flying in the ring, was surreal.  

Here is a clip of me doing the introductions for the match!

Before their match started, someone in the crowd called Cody by his former WWE character, Stardust, and Cody had an awesome response...

(This is my first glimpse of the actual footage from the show…man I can’t wait to see the finished product as it’s going to look killer!)

The two then put on a classic match... 


It ended with Cody winning... and then Cody addressed the crowd:

To sum up the night best... Cody Rhodes put out a tweet that Daniel Bryan quickly replied to.... let's just say that Defy Wrestling made a statement in the wrestling world...and we've only just begun!

Save this date... April 7th... Defy2...I'll be there as the host and I hope to see you all there! Also, don't forget the other great local promotions, as there are plenty of grey opportunities to see local wrestling with promotions like 3-2-1 Battle, Lucha Libre Volcanica, and Project 42...just to name a few. 

One last thing... I want to say thank you to all of the awesome wrestling fans that I got to meet on Friday night.  The Seattle wrestling community is truly something special.  I also want to thank all of the wrestlers, you guys put on a great night of wrestling for all of us.  I thank you for that, and selfishly thank you for welcoming me into your world.  I look forward to working with more of you and I will continue to be inspired by your passion for your art.  You truly are a talented and awesome group of people.