Migs Blog: Defy Wrestling...This Friday!

January 11, 2017

This Friday I am getting an opportunity to step into the squared circle…with Cody Rhodes!

No, I am not wrestling (that would be a recipe for disaster haha)…but I am going to be the ring announcer for a brand new local wrestling promotion:  Defy Wrestling.

I can’t put into words how stoked I am…it’s this Friday night at the newly renovated Washington Hall.  If you aren’t familiar with the Washington Hall, but sure to look up some pix of this place…it’s a venue that has been around since the early 1900’s…so many great bands and artists have performed there…from Jimi Hendrix to Green River to Fugazi to Macklemore…and it will now be the spot where Defy 1: Legacy goes down!

Hurry up and get tickets for this event, as they are selling fast, and if you are a fan of wrasslin’ you do not want to miss this!  Get tix at DefyWrestling.com

Defy 1 will feature some of the best indie wrestlers, both on a national and local level. 

Let’s start with the main event… “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes is taking on Tacoma’s own… Shane Strickland.

Cody has had an incredible 2016…he left the WWE because he was unhappy with the direction he was going and decided to take his career in his own hands, and has become a dominant force in the wrestling world…and deservingly so.  In 2016, Cody did something that no other wrestler has ever done…and that is compete in every major wrestling promotions big event.  He wrestled at the WWE’s “Wrestlemania”, TNA wrestlings “Bound For Glory”, Ring Of Honor’s “Final Battle”, and New Japan pro Wrestling’s “Wrestle Kingdom”.  Again…no other wrestler has done all 4!

Shane Strickland also has had a great past year… many know him from Lucha Undergrown, where he goes by the name Killshot.  Shane was born in Tacoma, but has never wrestled in Washington State, and that all changes this Friday as he is in the main event with Cody.  Shane is an incredible wrestler, I can’t wait to see what these two do in a few days.

I’m also stoked to see Matt Cross wrestle.  Matt has been doing it for over 15 years… some might remember him from his stint on the WWE Reality show, Tough Enough, where he competed to win a contract with the WWE...and since then he has been tearing it up on the indies with his incredible move set…all while growing an impressive beard! 

Matt can also be seen on Lucha Underground.  Matt, like Shane, wears a mask on Lucha Underground and goes by the name “Son Of Havok” – a masked dude with an epic beard is a cool and unique look!

One of the matches I am most excited to see involves a couple of great local wrestlers…as my bud Eddie Van Glam is taking on Mr. Fitness.  These are two of the best in the local scene…they are doing awesome stuff for 3-2-1 Battle, and I think they are going to win over many new fans on Friday night!

I am also stoked to see some of the northwest’s finest luchadors wrestle at Defy 1!  Los Sexi Mexis (great name haha) are taking on Greengo Loco and Batboy.  Los Sexi Mexis features Sonico and Ave Rex - a couple awesome wrestlers that I got to see wrestle at the 3-2-1 Battle / Lucha Libre Volcanica cross promotion (3-2-1 Lucha) a couple of weeks ago. 

For all of you fans of Lucha Underground, another star from the show --  Jeff Cobb – will be wrestling at Defy 1!  Jeff goes by Matanza on Lucha Underground, and he is a big dude that can move and simply kicks all sorts of ass in the ring. 

Another big dude that will be crushing it at Defy1 is Big Jack Cunningham.  Big Jack is a bad ass, and I look forward to the moment that him and Jeff Cobb cross paths.

Man, I am writing a novel…so I’ll stop geeking out now (there are a bunch of other great talent that will be there too)…but as you can tell I am so beyond stoked to not only be the ring announcer for Defy, but I am also ecstatic to be there to watch it all go down!