Migs Blog: Donkeys Go To Spokane!

April 18, 2017

This past weekend I was in Spokane with Thee Ted Smith and my hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys, for their annual Easter weekend hockey tournament at Eagles Ice Arena for the Northwest Classic.

Massive thanks to Rich, our bus driver, and Lyon Pride Music for the Party bus…as once again you guys got us there and back safely…and with the drunken antics of our team…that is quite an impressive feat.

How’d we do?  The same as every year… we win on “style points” not in game…we lost all 3 games, but when you take a five plus hour trip to Spokane where we are all enjoying adult beverages…the odds o0f us playing good hockey is slim to none.

Some of the best times were of course on the bus…honestly I think I stepped foot into 2 bars for maybe a total of 10 minutes…why hit the bars when the bus has everything I needed!

Post game bus travels. #DonkeyHockey

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I think this Instagram video sums up where our heads were at when it came to playing hockey…as this is how we prepared for our games.

Our goalie is good. #stoppingrolls #goalie #donkeyhockey

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