Migs Blog: Don't Quit Your Night Job With Andrew Rivers

February 9, 2017

As you have heard on our show, BJ and former Seattle radio great Bob Rivers have been buds for many years.  Over time we have gotten to know his son Andrew Rivers…who is a super talented comic. 

Andrew has been doing something very cool, a podcast/video series where he tries to do other people’s jobs.  I thought it would be cool to share these videos when he makes them, here on my blog. 

Sure you can say that I’m being lazy…and using his content for the selfish purpose of my blog…and you wouldn’t be wrong…but I also think these are awesome and would love for more people to see what Andrew is doing!

His first episode was greate…as he tried to do Seahawks punter Jon Ryan’s job.  Check it out…

His most recent episode is great…as he tries to be a boxer!  Check it out!