Migs Blog: Don't Touch The Snake!

June 23, 2016

Ok…Animal Planet…I have the newest star of your television channel.  Someone needs to put this crazy lady into the wild.

We played this audio this morning, and we played it 4 times in a row because it was that awesome.  This lady is from Alabama, and she decided to get a little too close to a snake in her yard…and it bit her phone!  The fact that it bit her phone is pretty nuts, but it’s the commentary by this lady that makes this clip…

Seriously…throw her into the safari and let her do her magic.  iPHONE or Samsung will need to sponsor her as she might go through a couple smart phones in the process.

Now if she does get hired by Animal Planet…I found the perfect narrator for the “Crazy Lady Touching Animals” show (yes, that’s my vote for the name of the show)…and that narrators name is Guðmundur Benediktsson.  Who is Guðmundur ?  He is an Icelandic soccer announcer, and he had the greatest call for a goal by team Iceland yesterday in the Euro 2016 tournament, as they beat Austria with a goal in extra time.  Check it out…you don’t even need to speak his language to understand what is happening!