Migs Blog: Draft Party!

August 1, 2016

I know I have talked about these crazy hockey tournaments that I go on before, but yet again I had an INCREDIBLE time this weekend in Richmond B.C. for a Draft Tournament.

The Draft Tournament is one of the most fun times I have…I compare it to going to a High School reunion…only I’m going to see people that I actually like.  The party’s concept is rather simple…you show up without a team, and over the course of Friday night you create your team by playing drinking games.  By the end of the night you have created a team of great drinking buddies.

One of the cool things (and there are many) about these tournaments is that they always have a theme.  This one was a special one…especially for Canadians…it was called “The Draftically Hip” in honor of Canada’s most beloved bands, the Tragically Hip.  I absolutely love The Hip, still one of my all time favorite concerts was seeing them play in a small club in Burlington, Vermont when I was in college.  Sadly, this current tour will be their last as their lead singer, Gord Downie, who is only 52, is battling glioblastoma — an aggressive and terminal form of brain cancer.  he wanted one last tour with his band mates before he leaves us…such a powerful story.

So the jerseys represent 4 of their songs: Fireworks, Little Bones, The Bobcaygeon Constellations, and  At The Hundreth Meridian.  The Chive has a great story about the tournament and it’s theme…read more about it HERE.  

The draft party was a blast…even though I don’t get to see many of these cats often…they have become some of my closest buds!I feel at home around all these lunatics…we all have a common love for hockey, but the similarities don’t end there…as we share a similar love for music, 80’s era wrasslin’, creating ridiculous drinks, and doing ridiculous things…(Ok I swear we have more in common than just that).

This creating was trouble…as they go down WAY to smooth! We ended up podcasting while enjoying these shots (it will be a future episode of Beer League Talk – an awesome podcast hosted by my buds Brett, Nick, Dani, and April).

One of the highlights was finally getting to play on a team with my bud Sean…AKA Swampy! This dude is one of the funniest and coolest guys I know…I met him in Vegas, and we instantly hit it off.

Over the course of the weekend we play 5 games in 2 days…I have a lot of respect for Swampy’s time management skills and finding any chance to rest up so that he can keep the hockey and partying going!

The team that we all ended up on was the “At The Hundreth Meridian”team…and I couldn’t have asked for a more awesome team!

Just to put it in perspective…we had people that just started playing, players that played at high levels, a dude that came all the way from Australia, a lady from Scotland, and then an even split of Canadians and Americans…it was so cool to see so many people from different walks of life bond like how we all did. 

So many laughs in the locker room, and support on the ice.  I truly can’t explain what it’s like.  There is a reason that I have not only played in Bremerton twice for these tournaments, but also Richmond twice, Vegas once and Phoenix once…and I can’t wait to do more.

If you have ever played ice hockey…no matter your skill level…look into playing one of these tournaments.  Like me, you will probably say “I’ll just play this one time”, and then you get hooked and keep going back. 

How did our team do?  Day one we did not have luck on our side…we lost 2 close games, and tied the other one.  On Sunday we won our first game, which put us in the championship game (it’s crazy how evenly matched all the teams were…apparently alcohol and drafting creates equal teams haha), and we lost that game 4-0.  The funny part about that is as soon as the game ended (any of the games)…you can’t tell who the losing team is, as we are all laughing and joking around with each other.

Another highlight...playing at the Olympic Oval...that is an amazing rink that when you first see the ice, you are in awe of how awesome it looks!

Huge thanks to my brother Nick for capturing this moment on the ice when I made a glove save on a break away! 

Get more info on the Draft Tournament HERE!