Migs Blog: Drumming With Alice!

September 29, 2016

Yet again the miserable people on the internet will remind me that it doesn’t matter how cool something is…someone will be there to lay a steaming pile of negativity on it.

Today’s example is thanks to the boys in Alice In Chains.  They just did something awesome for one of their fans.  AIC were playing in South Carolina, and there was a fan in the crowd holding up a shirt that said “Let me play drums on Would?”

Side note:  As I am typing this at 6:40am…Alice In Chains “Would?” started playing on the airwaves here at KISW.  THIS IS  TRIPPING ME OUT MAN!!!

Ok back to the dude that wants to jam with Alice.  Sean Kinney notices the shirt…jumps on the microphone and invites the guy to play the drums.

Check it out!

Was he perfect?  Of course not, but it was really good.   Was it awesome? You bet your ass it was!  I always love it when a band does something like this.  I’ve seen Green Day do it back in the day a bunch, hell…back when I was playing in a band called Peter Parker…a fan of ours was a really good drummer so during one of our songs I handed him my sticks and let him finish the song – it was a blast to watch.

Here is where the miserable people come into play.  I am reading about this, and then check the comments.  I really should stay away from the comments on the internet as it’s slowly making me lose faith in humanity.

Here is one comment that I thought was just “awesome” (and by awesome, I mean crappy):

"I would be super pissed if I paid however much just to watch some chump sit in with the band."

If this pisses you off, you are clearly incapable of fun.  The fans at the show seemed to really enjoy it…as they should.  This was a unique moment and they were a part of it. 

Here is another “good” one (and by good, I mean that this person sucks):

"Ugh. Dude was awful. I mean, he knew how to play it, but he didn't play it well enough to be on that stage."

Thanks for the feedback Simon Cowell, I get it…you live a miserable life and HATE when others have something cool happen. 

I don’t care how good you are as a musician, if your favorite band asked you to come up on stage with them…it has to be beyond nerve wracking.

If I was afforded this opportunity…and could pick any band to jump on stage with….I would go with Pearl Jam.  The first song that pops into my head is “Porch”, as the song is amazing and they always jam out when playing it live.  Another one would be “Animal” as I love the drumming on that one.  However, part of me would be cool with playing on “Present Tense” – mainly because it’s my favorite song, and there is no drums until the very end…so I could just sit behind the drums and watch Eddie do his thing...and just soak in the moment looking out to the crowd!

Comment below with what band would you love to jump on stage with?  And which song would you play?