Migs Blog: Drumming...and More!

February 14, 2017

Sometimes you come across things that just stop you in your tracks and straight up forces you to pay attention.  This is one of those moments, kids!

I’m screwing around on the internet, and I come across something that says, “A Guy Plays Rush's "Tom Sawyer" By Himself...Drums, Guitar, And Vocals”. 

I’ve never been the biggest Rush fan, but as I’ve gotten older I have started to really dig a lot of their songs…and as a drummer…I can’t even wrap my heard around half of the stuff Neil Peart does, let alone play it.  So when I see a dude on YouTube who plays Rush's “Tom Sawyer” all by himself…yes, drums-guitar-and vocals…all at the same time….you better believe I’m watching it.


And I thought I cool when I played “War Pigs” with Windowpane…using my fingers on Garage band!