Migs Blog: Eddie & Bill!

November 4, 2016

Man…there continues to be awesome things happening because of the Cubs winning the World Series.

Imagine having a house party, and Eddie Vedder & Bill Murray show up?  This actually happened!

Both Eddie & Bill were at the final game, and both of them are Cubs fans…so of course they are going to spend the night partying! 

They ended up at someone’s house, and Eddie picked up an acoustic guitar and started playing "The Weight" by The Band.  Also on guitar at this party... Derek Trucks!  As you watch the video, you will see a drunken Bill Murray singing along…

How awesome is that?  That would be the greatest party ever.  Hell…if I was an Indians fan drowning my sorrows at that party…my mood would change instantly when Eddie & Bill showed up…and I might just commit to being a Cubs fan the moment Eddie started jamming on the guitar. 

Speaking of the Cubs and Chicago….of course the streets of Chi-Town were packed with people losing their minds because the 108 year drought had just ended.  Well, Chicago’s police scanner has a twitter page…and some of the tweets that were posted on Wednesday night are downright hilarious.