Migs Blog: The Flannel Years

June 1, 2016

Yesterday I had a complete blast on my podcast, as I had a friend join us to chat about a cool photo exhibit she is doing.  If you are a fan of the music that put Seattle on the map, I am certain you will want to check this out.

Many years ago, when I worked at 107.7 The End, Karen Mason Blair was the photographer for all of our concerts.  Over the years I have lost contact with her, and we just reconnected as she has a photo exhibit starting this Saturday that will feature some never before seen pictures that she took of bands like Mother Love Bone, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and more.

The exhibit is called The Flannel Years, and you can get more info at www.TreasonGallery.com.

While she was on the Migs Cast, she shared incredible stories of spending time with Alice In Chains (Jerry used to crash on her couch all the time), being at Pearl Jam’s very first show at the Off Ramp (now called El Corazon), being able to get Kurt Cobain to smile in pictures…which was a rare feat, and many more great tales from the early 90’s in the Emerald City! 

Plus she shares the story behind this epic shot she took of Jerry Cantrell jamming on stage with Poison!

You can listen to the interview HERE.

While on the podcast, Karen surprised me with an awesome pic she took of me and Dave Grohl back in 1999.  The Foo Fighters were playing Deck The Hall Ball at the Key Arena, and she took this picture of Dave and I!

Check out Karen’s website, as there are some awesome pix on there… www.KarenMasonBlair.com