Migs Blog: Football Craziness

September 20, 2016

This my friends is how you celebrate your team winning a game!

Ok…maybe not…just a little bit extreme, but I respect his passion! He ended up going to a hospital for this, and the best part...he's going to college to become a NURSE!

This college football season has been an interesting one already.  Did you see that dude that forgot to take a knee after catching a kick?  This is EPIC.  He makes the catch, and non-chalantly just tosses the ball to the ref…the ref is like, “Bro…I don’t want it”, and it lands in front of the ref in the endzone…only for the opposing team to land on it and get a touchdown!  Check it out…

Speaking of weird things in college football…what’s up with players that like to drop the ball right as they cross the line into the end zone?!?  This happens quite a bit, and sometimes it leads to the TD not counting. 

Just this past weekend, Joe Mixon from Oklahoma avoided a huge embarrassment when he dropped the ball right as he scored.  Thankfully for him it counted!

Also on Saturday…Cal’s Vic Enwere did the exact same thing…

My all time favorite was from 2014 when Utah’s Kaelin Clay thought he had a 78 yard touchdown,  but he dropped the ball and started celebrating before crossing the plane of the goal. Oregon returned the fumble 100 yards for a touchdown!.

I give Kaelin credit as he poked fun at himself recently when a couple of weeks ago he watched Clemson's Ray-Ray McCloud drops ball on goal line before scoring TD

Kaelin tweeted this…