Migs Blog: Fun In Atlanta!

August 15, 2016

Man oh man what a weekend!  We were in Atlanta for a work convention called “Morning Show Boot Camp” – it’s a convention where we get to spend time with some awesome morning shows (and other radio folks) to learn and be inspired.

There was so many great moments…one of my favorites was when BJ & I were on a panel, and my major contribution to that panel was asking for fireball shots for everyone on the panel: Tommy McFly from D.C., Andie Summers from Philly, and Woody from LA!

I love that Fireball Whiskey shot us a message…

Yup, BJ had a tough time taking down that shot…but he didn’t have a tough time sharing great words of wisdom!

But hell...I even shared some philosophy!

Huge thanks to Seth Resler, as he did a panel about podcasting…and gave us a lot of love during that panel!

While we were in Atlanta, we had Saturday afternoon free, so we hit up Six Flags Over Georgia…and that was AWESOME!

The highlight was attempting to do a Facebook Live video while we were on the Goliath, which is an awesome roller coaster!  The video is insane, it cuts out like crazy, but in a strange way – it accurately sums up what it was like on this coaster!

The highlight of the trip was our night at a Japanese restaurant called Ru San’s.  If you are ever in the Buckhead area of Atlanta…go to this restaurant.  The service is awesome, their staff are fun and friendly, and they will feed you Sake Bombs like there is no tomorrow. 

Here is a video of us enjoying our third of many Sake Bombs!

All in all it was a great time, and it's great to be back home!