Migs Blog: Getting Ready for Ge2!

December 13, 2016

Yesterday I had an awesome opportunity to swing by Virtual Sports in Tukwila to fly some drones and check out the  HTC VIVE for some Virtual Reality!  All of this will be at Ge2 this weekend (get info at Ge2.live).

First off…flying drones is rather difficult! I tried for the first time…and lets just say I am thankful that they had a small drone for me to use…especially since at one point I flew the drone right into my head!  Check it out:

Then I got to check out the HTC VIVE…man was that awesome, and trippy!  I was shooting arrows like a boss…I need one of these in my house!

Then we got creative as we attached a laser tag headband to one of the drones...and it was humans vs. drones in a laser tag war!