Migs Blog: Give Her A Hand!

July 6, 2016

Some magician in Poland tried to do a trick on a Polish TV show the other day, and the trick failed …and failed really, really, really bad!

So bad that one of the co-hosts got her hand IMPALED on a huge nail.  The nail was about six inches long and a quarter-inch thick.  The magician had put a nail inside one of four different paper bags, and he was going down the line smashing all the bags.  He made her try it, and she hit the nail.

Here is the video…you don’t need to speak polish to understand the language of pure pain and shock!

Oh wow…that’s not the kind of 6 inches that she wants in her hand! Waka Waka.

I guess we now know this guys magic trick…to permanently disappear from Polish Morning News shows.  Wow.  Just wow. 

I do give the magician points for an awesome hair-style!