Migs Blog: Gleason Movie

July 29, 2016

Last night I got to attend a very special event.  It was the Seattle premiere of the documentary Gleason.  Gleason is about Spokane’s Steve Gleason, a former football player for the New Orleans Saints, that at the age of 34 he found out that he has ALS.  ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a disease where the brain loses the ability to communicate with your muscles…leaving you unable to walk, speak, and sadly eventually breathe.

I first learned about Steve and his story back when Pearl Jam released their last record, Lightning Bolt, as PJ had Steve interview them (Mike McCready became friends with Steve over the years, as Steve is a HUGE Pearl Jam Fan). 

6 weeks after Steve found out that he was diagnosed with ALS, he found out that his wife was pregnant…so Steve decided to start filming himself…hours and hours of footage, as a way for his kid to get to know him before the disease takes full control over his body.  This footage became the footage used for this movie, which is in theaters as of today.  Mike McCready of Pearl Jam provided the music for the movie, and the band is featured in it as well.  Get more info at www.GleasonMovie.com

If you want to see the most powerful, and emotional trailer you will ever watch…here is the trailer for the movie.  I am warning you…you might want to have some tissues handy.

So last night I was offered an opportunity to chat with Pearl Jam before the screening as they set up a red carpet  (actually blue) for the media to speak with those involved with the film.

While I was waiting for Pearl Jam, John Schneider (GM for the Seahawks) showed up, so I asked him if I could chat with him about his involvement and he couldn’t have been a cooler guy. 

I am very glad that John is locked in with the Hawks for more years to come.  Here is my interview with him...

Unfortunately I was not able to interview Pearl Jam, as they weren’t able to do any interviews due to timing…no big deal as I understand that they were there solely to support  Steve Gleason.

It was cool that as I was standing there…Mike McCready spotted me and came over to say hi…and who was with him…Eddie Vedder.  I have never met Ed before, so it was awesome to quickly say hi and shake his hand.  I wasn’t going to bug him for a picture…the memory was enough, but I went on Twitter and got a huge smile on my face when I saw this tweet by  Lindsay Cohen  of KOMO4 News…that’s me chatting with Mike in the video…

Speaking of Pearl Jam…if you have an hour to spare, and you want to see the best interview of the band…watch Steve Gleason’s chat with Pearl Jam, it’s an incredible interview…especially when he speaks to Eddie.