Migs Blog: Go Cavs!

June 17, 2016

Oh yes!  Last night was a great sports day… The Mariners won, team USA won in the quarterfinals of the CopaAmerica soccer tournament at Century Link Filed, I played a hockey game last night and my team won (clearly the most important game of the night, and I was so glad to see that the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors to force a game 7.  I have 2 reasons why that made me happy.  1. I am a Lebron James Fan.  Hell…Lebron and I have the same taste in shirts!

And 2. This means that I didn’t have to buy breakfast.  BJ and I bet breakfast…he picked the Warriors, and I picked the Cavs.  Lulu and I were very glad to see Cleveland win!

Speaking of pups…this video will make your day.  A video of a dog playing fetch with itself has over 66 million views on Facebook.  It's using something called a GoDogGo toy, which automatically launches tennis balls in the air, and you teach your dog to bring them back and drop them in the bucket.