Migs Blog: Go Cubbies!

October 25, 2016

Tonight is the night… game 1 of the World Series.  Who will it be…the Cubs…or the Indians?  Either way, it’s two long suffering fan bases that are finally seeing their teams compete for the championship.  But one of those teams has been suffering for over 100 years, which is why I am rooting for the Cubs!

Plus…it’s 2 teams that have been featured in iconic baseball movies. 

Will it be Major League (Indians) or Rookie Of The Year (Cubs)?  I love that someone edited footage from these movies to make this…

This is all fun and games…but when it comes down to it…the only opinion about this series that matters is from Mike Leach.  Wait…you are probably wondering if I am talking about the Cougars football coach?  Yup, I am…and during his press conference someone asked who he wants to win the World Series…and his answer was AWESOME!

I guess I am a BMW riding, computer tech using, designer jean wearing yuppie.  So be it…I just think it would be awesome if the people in Chicago (that are Cubs fans) finally could celebrate as  champions!

Also…Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam is a Cubs fan…how cool is this…here he is celebrating in the locker room, after they won the NLCS!

This pic rules…especially when you look past Eddie & John Lackey!