Migs Blog: Go To The Doctor!

September 22, 2016

Yesterday I put this tweet out…

That’s right…yearly physical is done, and you are all stuck with me for a little while longer as everything came back great.

Yup, I am over 40, so you can do the math with those emoji’s in the tweet! A couple things I learned while at the doctor:

-- I will never get used to THAT. The entire process is awkward, but for peace of mind, it’s absolutely worth it.

-- I am ticklish.  I already knew that, but usually I can hold it together at the doctors, but yesterday while my doctor was pushing on my belly & ribs during the breathing portion of the physical…I was doing all I can to stay still.  I was super tense, and she asked “Are you experiencing discomfort?” Once she said that, I couldn’t hold it in.  I started giggling like a little kid, and she quickly realized I was having a giggle fit.

-- This one is a serious lesson… I learned that many dudes DON’T go in for their yearly physical.  They eventually do, sometimes after 50…only to find out that they are a physical mess.  Worst case scenario, they are at a point of no return. 

This is unfortunate.  I know it’s a “chore”, I know after 40…stuff happens during the test that might not be something that you don’t want to experience (see pic above), but c’mon fellas…go to the doctor.

 Your family will thank you!