Migs Blog: Go T-Birds!

May 10, 2017

Last night I went to the Seattle Thunderbirds game.  The T-Birds are in the WHL Finals, and the Showare Center was sold out last night and rocking! 

Shout out to the dude that made it on the jumbo-tron wearing a BJ Shea jersey…that was awesome!

Unfortunately the Birds ended up losing 3-2 (a couple costly penalties sealed their fate in this one) and they are down 2-1 in the series.  Game 4 is tonight… if you are going, they are doing a “White Out”, where they encourage everyone to wear white.  You can get tickets HERE for tonight’s game.

They are asking fans to either rock white jerseys or white Seahawks jerseys tonight.  If you are wondering why they are asking you to wear Hawks gear… it’s because Jon Ryan, punter for the Seahawks, will be dropping the ceremonial first puck.

Speaking of promotions…massive props to whoever thought it was a good idea to give us all these big cardboard signs that have lines in them to fold so that they look like this…

Now you might think they are fans… but no…when slapped against your hand (or head as we ended up doing) it makes a loud slap.  We were slapping these all night…and the arena was deafening at times.  I have no idea if other teams have ever done a giveaway like this before, but it added so much to the atmosphere…and I hope this becomes a common occurrence at their games!

I shot a quick video of it…it doesn’t do it justice (it was hard to film and slap my thingy…and I chose to slap my thingy…wait, that doesn’t sound right!), but it gives you an idea of what I’m talking about!