Migs Blog: Great Day For Seattle Sports!

July 25, 2016

I think for many Seattle sports fans when I say that yesterday was a special day.  Team red finally beat team purple in a rec league basketball game at Greenlake.  Man was it a nail biter too! 

OK not really. 

Yesterday, The Kid, Ken Griffey Jr.,  was inducted into the Hall Of Fame.  What a perfect day for it…as yesterday was July 24th… so number 24 was inducted in on the 24th!

Check it out…pretty damn cool seeing that Mariners logo on his hat!

Griffey’s speech was incredible.  It was emotional, it was endearing, and I loved that it was flawed…flawed only in that he was so caught up in the moment that he had a hard time saying it smoothly…and for a guy that was known for being smooth as silk on the field, I felt that the fact that he had a tough time delivering his speech displayed how big of a deal, and how special, this is.  It was great hearing him show love to his family, his former teammates, and the city of Seattle. 

I had goose bumps the entire time he spoke, but the hairs on my arm were sticking straight up when this happened…

Congrats Junior!