Migs Blog: Hand Farts!

December 8, 2016

This is truly the greatest talent ever. 

A guy who makes fart noises with his hands just became the winner of "Finland's Got Talent" the other night. 

Yes, the man won with hand farts.

Yes, Finland has their own version of that TV show.  Apparently over 60 countries do this show…I say they grab all the winners and have a “World Series Of Talent!”.

OK, back to the hand farter.  Antton Puonti is the big winner…on the show he did "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" completely using fart noises. 

Oddly enough, today is the 36th anniversary of John Lennon's death….I’m sure John would have been proud to see where his song has gone since his death…or not.

Check it out, I am surely putting this in my Christmas Music Playlist!

Although I do find this to be insanely talented…how pissed are you if you are a talented singer, a great magician, or a hilarious comic…and you LOST to a HAND FARTER!