Migs Blog: Happy Anniversary Star Trek

September 8, 2016

Damn you Star Trek and Facebook…you are on to me!  Today is the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, so Facebook is doing something pretty cool.  Borrowing a page from Google, they are making their “like” buttons have a theme (Google does this quite a bit for special days on their home page, as they will change the Google artwork to pay homage to the day)…and the theme of course is Star Wars…

Vicky showed this too me, and I quickly went to Facebook to “like” stuff…but my like buttons never changed.  Why?  Because Facebook is on to me, and knows that I am not a Star Trek or Sci Fi fan.  Damn Facebook.  That’s some trippy stuff!

I am trying to prove I am, but with Tweets like this…I guess I understand why they are blocking me from the Vulcan love!