Migs Blog: Hawks Backlash...By A Dummy!

October 21, 2016

I was screwing around on Facebook last night…looking for some potential Facebook Drama…and I didn’t find any good drama, but I did find the DUMBEST theory ever on social media.

This has nothing to do with politics, so don’t worry! This has to do with people still complaining about the ending of the Hawks game where Richard Sherman didn’t get called with a pass interference penalty.

Personally, and yes I am a homer Hawks fan, I feel like the bad calls evened out between both teams...but I get that was the final play, and for people that didn’t watch the whole game…that is the one play that was shown on all the highlights. Thus the backlash!

I was sucked into a Facebook thread of people defending and complaining about that non-call…and this one guy delivered the best logic known to man regarding why the Seahawks “got away” with that play…and by best logic, I mean the worst logic ever!

Yes…this is a real guy.  I went to his page and he is  a 49’ers fan.  The part that I loved about his post is not the fact that he doesn’t know that Seattle Washington is different from Washington DC…not the fact that he has a tough time spell checking (I believe he meant “lives” and not “leaves”)…my favorite part is that he edited his post!  What the hell did he edit out?!?  What did he write that didn’t fall in line with this tremendous post of logic?

I posted this on Twitter, and I love the reaction that his post got…