Migs Blog: At The Hawks Game!

October 17, 2016

What a game yesterday…talk about a roller coaster of emotions! 

I was able to go to the Hawks game yesterday, and man that first half made all of us thing that it was going to be a blow out…it certainly wasn’t, and thankfully the Hawks were able to pull out a 26-24 victory. 

Before the game…it was great seeing Duff McKagan from G N R raising the 12th Man Flag!

The video package that the Hawks made for Duff was so damn cool…

Also before the game, I was able to check out the Beast Mode store on 1st Ave…sadly Marshawn was not there, but I did pick up a sweet new hat!

There was a crazy moment during the game where Richard Sherman lost it after a Julio Jones touchdown.  If you missed it…check it out…

I love how the team reacted to this…they decided to do all they could to get Richard’s head back into the game. 

I totally get where Richard is coming from…I was having a rough morning, and just like him…I am lucky to have such great co-workers that they did what was needed to get my head back in the game.