Migs Blog: Help Out Matt Cross

February 10, 2017

I’d like to rally my fellow wrasslin’ fans with this blog, as a bud of mine could use help!

If you are a regular listener of the MegaCast, the podcast that I do with Tee Ted Smith…you might remember a recent fun interview that we did with pro-wrestler, Matt Cross (AKA “Son Of Havoc” on Lucha Underground). 

Matt was in town because he wrestled at Defy Wrestling’s innagural event, Defy1.  While wrestling that night, Matt broke his leg early in the match…but continued to wrestle for about 8 MORE MINUTES on that broken loeg, all because he wanted to put on a good match for the fans. 

Here’s the thing…Matt is a travelling independent wrestler…if he can’t wrestle, he can’t make a living…so many of us in the local wrestling community are trying to help him out.  There are a couple of ways you can help…

Buy a T-shirt from him.  All you have to do is go HERE, and pick up a shirt.  I might have already purchased…one…or two…OK, I bought 3 of his shirts.  Don’t tell my wife!  Haha   

Another way to help…you can PayPal him a few bucks.  I did this as well.  Look…I am a huge fan of wrestling, and guys like Matt do so much to entertain us…it’s the least I could do!  All you have to do is Pay Pal his email address, which is:  mdogg20bwf@aol.com

If you have a minute, read his Facebook post about what happened…it’s an incredible read, that truly puts in perspective what guys like Matt do in order to put a smile on us wrestling nerds faces!