Migs Blog: Hockey Hockey Hockey

May 27, 2016

Last night the Stanley Cup Finals were set as the Penguins beat the Lightning 2-1, and are moving on to take on the San Jose Sharks in the finals.  I think a lot of their success had to do with a little visit from the Hanson Brothers!

If you haven’t seen the movie Slap Shot, go see it…it’s awesome, a solid 100% on Steve Tomatoes!

Also…even if you aren’t a fan of hockey, I strongly believe if you sit down and watch playoff hockey, you will become a fan.  The intensity is fierce, the action is incredible, and these guys lay their heart and soul out on the ice.  They leave it all out there. 

I was watching the post game interviews after the Blues lost to the Sharks, and a player on the Blues is the epitome of a teammate…David Backes rules!

Speaking of hockey, I am doing a podcast with a couple of my teammates (The Tacoma Donkeys) called The Donkey Show.  It’s technically a hockey podcast but we never talk about the sport, it’s more of a peek inside a locker room and the conversations we would have in there.  Episode 2 is an incredible one, as we catch up with a former teammate that we call while he is drunk at a bar!